Gwinnett County - rideshare DESPERATELY needed
Hi guys, I'm getting desperate here as I've been looking for nearly a week already without success.

I slipped on ice during the recent storm, fell, and broke my right leg. The doctor signed off on a handicap permit for my car but experimentation with driving left-footed is not going well, primarily because my car's gear selector is in the center console (thus I can't put my right leg over the center console to give my left foot room to move). I'm sort-of able to make it on back roads when traffic is light, but rush hour traffic? Not happening.

I do office work, but unfortunately telecommuting is not an option. I have to get back and forth to work. I live in Peachtree Corners and work near Sugarloaf Mills and, while apparently a lot of people do the opposite commute, it seems I'm the only one in the world who does that particular commute or something related to it.  I work standard business hours.

Gwinnett County Transit says there's a 21-day review time on paratransit applications. The GCT 10 and 35 buses almost get me to where I need to go, but there's about a mile either side of that route that I can't yet figure out. I cannot afford 6-8 weeks of taxi fare and I do not have any family close by.

Can anyone help, or does anyone know anyone who can? While taxi fare is out, gas money is not (I'm not going to be putting it into my own car, after all). I'm able to function pretty well on my own beyond this transportation problem, so I wouldn't be asking for any more than just the ride. I need this figured out by no later than Friday of this week.


Designing Women
I've been away from Atlanta for over 5 years now. How sad its it that Ive become addicted to re runs of Designing Women, just to feel like I'm in the south again! ...and I'm loving it!!

Peachtree Center & Westin - Safety
The Boys
I have a coworker coming in for a convention I would like to meet for dinner which normally would be no big deal but this particular night would have me with a cast on my foot. If memory serves me correctly the Sun Dial is pretty close to Peachtree Center. Walking wise at say 9:00 at night would you feel safe with the inability to walk fast?

I'm leaning toward safety first and not doing this but if Peachtree Center is one of those areas that's fine at night I'd like to go. It's been awhile since I've walked around that area.

Charities that pick up large items
What are some charities in Atlanta that will pick up larger items like  washer /dryers?  I live in Sandy Springs /Roswell area and need to unload a washer/dryer set by the end of this week.  They are white enameled Kenmores.  They are older than Miley Cyrus, but they still twerk.

Ideas?  Will certainly release them into the wild to an individual that wants them.

Receptionist and Accounts Payable positions
family day

My company Services Inc. Solutions is hiring a receptionist and an accounts payable administrator. We especially need the receptionist ASAP. We would want you to interview next week and start the week after! Comment if you want more info or details.

ReceptionistCollapse )
Accounts Payable AdministratorCollapse )

Help me Atlanta-Wan Community, you're my only hope!
Window Gazing
Well, maybe not my ONLY hope, but I could still use some advice!

It's moving time again and I am looking for recommendations for moving services.  I'm sure everyone wants fast, cheap, good movers and I'm no exception however I don't need white glove / saran wrap treatment, I just need to move a few miles away and not break everything.

Who do you love / hate as far as moving services?

Part the Deux:

After three years enduring three bachelors, my apartment could use some TLC before I hand in the keys.  Who do you love for cleaning services?  I hired a very thorough diminutive local lady referred through this community a few years back and she was AWESOME.  If I can find her, I will totally ask her again, but that was 3 years ago so...Thoughts?

Room for rent in Midtown!
I’ll be moving out of my apartment at the end of September and thought I’d see if anyone else was looking to move in during that time. It’s a 2-bedroom, 1 1/2 bath with a full kitchen and washer/dryer hookups in a converted house in Midtown. There is a possibility you would be sharing the space with one female roommate and her cat until January. Rent is approximately $700/month including utilities assuming you are splitting the costs (you would have to sign up for the utilities on your own but that’s generally what everything averages out to altogether and water is included in the rent each month.)

The apartment is located within walking distance of North Avenue MARTA station, two Bank of America ATMs, Publix, Piedmont Park, Midtown Promenade, the Fox (and most importantly, Krispy Kreme) and the occupants of the house are gay-friendly.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Mug shots in Georgia
One of those websites that tracks arrest records has got hold of an old arrest of mine from 2005 and now its plastered all over the internet on the top page when you search on my name! It's a stupid arrest that was thrown out of court and should have been purged from the fulton county records. I no longer live in the US, so I don't have any of the relevant information on the case. Anyone any idea how to have this removed? The website says it can be removed if I show it was dismissed, but like I say I don't have access to any of the info anymore.

Just in case you wanted to know, (which Im sure you do!) I got a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign. That its self was a total fabrication by the cop, so I decided to fight it. When I went to traffic court the judge said we had the option of a jury trial. I thought fine you wana waste my time, I'll waste yours,(big mistake, they have all the power and can do whatever they want to you) so opted for the jury trial. They made me wait till the end of traffic court and when everyone had left, two cops walked in and slapped handcuffs on me and said because I wanted a jury, it was now moved to Fulton country court and I had to be arrested over there! They marched me off and threw me in a cell. Anyway long story short, I eventually got my court trial, but it was still a hearing, so no jury and the cop of course failed to show, for the second time! so it was dismissed.

Creative Loafing BEST OF 2013
monkey smoke
Ok last year we won 4 awards.

If you have time, create an account and just put the word QUAD in the following columns


And any other place you may want to put us (note we are not a live music/band venue)

Much obliged 

for those who are into worms
monkey smoke
Today, a new Zooniverse project in association with the Medical Research Council and the Medical Research Foundation was launched: Worm Watch Lab.

We need the public's help in observing the behaviour of tiny nematode worms. When you classify on you're shown a video of a worm wriggling around. The aim of the game is to watch and wait for the worm to lay eggs, and to hit the 'z' key when they do. It's very simple and strangely addictive. By watching these worms lay eggs, you're helping to collect valuable data about genetics that will assist medical research.

With your classifications we can understand how the brain works and how genes affect behaviour. The idea is that if a gene is involved in a visible behaviour, then mutations that break that gene might lead to detectable behavioural changes. The type of change gives us a hint about what the affected gene might be doing. Although it is small and has far fewer cells than we do, the worm used in these studies (called C. elegans) has almost as many genes as we do! We share a common ancestor with these worms, so many of their genes are closely related to human genes. This presents us with the opportunity to study the function of genes that are important for human brain function in an animal that is easier to handle, great for microscopy and genetics, and has a generation time of only a few days. It's all quite amazing!

To get started visit and follow the tutorial.


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