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Gwinnett County - rideshare DESPERATELY needed
sonria wrote in atlanta
Hi guys, I'm getting desperate here as I've been looking for nearly a week already without success.

I slipped on ice during the recent storm, fell, and broke my right leg. The doctor signed off on a handicap permit for my car but experimentation with driving left-footed is not going well, primarily because my car's gear selector is in the center console (thus I can't put my right leg over the center console to give my left foot room to move). I'm sort-of able to make it on back roads when traffic is light, but rush hour traffic? Not happening.

I do office work, but unfortunately telecommuting is not an option. I have to get back and forth to work. I live in Peachtree Corners and work near Sugarloaf Mills and, while apparently a lot of people do the opposite commute, it seems I'm the only one in the world who does that particular commute or something related to it.  I work standard business hours.

Gwinnett County Transit says there's a 21-day review time on paratransit applications. The GCT 10 and 35 buses almost get me to where I need to go, but there's about a mile either side of that route that I can't yet figure out. I cannot afford 6-8 weeks of taxi fare and I do not have any family close by.

Can anyone help, or does anyone know anyone who can? While taxi fare is out, gas money is not (I'm not going to be putting it into my own car, after all). I'm able to function pretty well on my own beyond this transportation problem, so I wouldn't be asking for any more than just the ride. I need this figured out by no later than Friday of this week.


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I don't know of anyone specifically that could help you, but I thought I'd at least give you two additional options (which you may or may not already have).
Lyft is donation-based ridesharing, so while there are costs, they will be less than taxis.

The Snowed Out Atlanta group appears to be gone, but the one for Eastside is still around and someone there might be able to help you:

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