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Cool shops?
violatekate wrote in atlanta
Hey, I'm looking for interesting funky shops that ARE NOT in Little 5. Antique shops, clothing stores, whatever. I'm burned out on the shops in L5.

Any suggestions??

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Downtown Chamblee. Lots of antique and oddities shops. Want a Mayor McCheese jungle gym or a British telephone booth? You'll find both of them in Chamblee (well, unless they've been sold since I was last there). It's pretty low key out there so bring your own sense of energy.

This. Chamblee's antique row is all kinds of neat.

Decatur/Scottsdale also has an antique row, but I've never been able to find any info on when it's open or, well, any info on it whatsoever. It's on the road near YDFM.

I have been in there, I think it is open normal hours, but looks closed. Kudzu is right down the road and better organized.

Paris on Ponce, on Ponce. Antiques and vintage furniture, clothing, paintings, silverware, signs, hats, etc.

There are a bunch of neat shops and antique stores in the old part of Roswell/downtown Roswell.

My Favorite Place
5596 Peachtree Industrial

Tons of strange stuff.

If you don't mind a drive, Downtown Athens has some nice shops. Just don't go on a game day.

Do you have a car?

Kudzu on Ponce near the Farmers Market.
There are now two estate/antique stores near the Big Lots at North Decatur and Scott Blvd that are both really fun rooms packed full of well priced goodies of all ages.

(Deleted comment)
I just moved out of L5 after having lived there for 5 years and working at Junkman's for 3! Burned me out really fast.

I like Scarlett Loves Rhettro on Ponce. Cool funky antiques with occasional great furniture (i got a lime green velvet chair there last year that is amazing).

There's a few shops in downtown historic Norcross that are nice, though there's not that many funky stores any more. :(

Some shops that I like:

Good Things Home and Garden--some very cool stuff, and don't miss the candy counter!

A Taste of Britain--owned and operated by a native of the UK--lots of knick-knacks, but also half of it is a UK grocery store in miniature. :) Better selection than Whole Foods, certainly, though prices are a little higher.

Labaire Pottery--not just pottery, but painting, glassware, jewelry, and much other cool stuff--I find great gifts here.

Also there are many good restaurants, and the Iron Horse Tavern.

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