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marta website = not smarta
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taza_rota wrote in atlanta
okay, so this should be an insanely easy question to answer, but the marta website either doesn't have the info or is so poorly designed that it's difficult to find.

what time do marta trains start running on weekday mornings? how often do they come? and what time do they stop running at night?

i have a 7:30 am flight next week and i want to take marta to the airport. say i want to get to the airport at 6:30...does marta start running early enough, and do the trains run frequently enough, that i could do that? (i'll be getting on at the cnn center station since that's where i'm leaving my car.) and i get back to the atl at 9 pm on a sunday. i'll be able to catch a train back to the cnn center, right?

(btw, sorry for the n00b-ness. the only time i ever ride marta is to braves games.)

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Step 1. Go to
Step 2. On the homepage in the top left corner of the content is a box that says "My Commute."
Step 3. If you click on "Schedule," you can get the schedule information by stop, by day, and by time.

I just tried it. It works.

magic! i didn't even see that tab. i was looking at the menu bar at the top.

i love this community.

If you want to be at the airport at 6:30, you'll want to be hitting the five points station by 6 or 6:10, so plan to be getting into the cnn center station around 5:45 or so. The first train to hit CNN is about 5am.

Oh, from CNN go east (any east train) to 5 points, then south (any south train) to the airport.

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Be sure to read the maps, too, and don't just follow my directions, because I first posted a comment telling you the wrong way.

I'd plan on getting there earlier than that. The airport can be really busy at that time of the morning -- getting there only an hour ahead is cutting it close. Try to catch the first train from CNN if you can.

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This is not really an answer to OP's post, but did y'all know you can use Google Maps to calculate how to get anywhere in the city on MARTA? You just choose the "public transit" pulldown.

Check it out.

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