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Witch's Graveyard in Marietta
This is the life.
nfgatorgal wrote in atlanta
Ok local people, and especially Marietta people, I need your help...

My boyfriend and I are wanting to visit a couple of supposedly haunted places around the area tomorrow night. One of them we have found several things about online, but can't seem to find any sort of directions to.... it's called the "Witch's Graveyard" in Marietta, and apparently it's near a bridge called Cochran Bridge (better known as "Crybaby Bridge," according to the legend).

Does anybody know where this is?? And can tell us how to get there from I-75N??? I would love you forever!! I'll give you a cookie!!! :)

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I am pretty sure it is a covered bridge over in Smyrna. I was able to find this site: http://urbanbaboon.blogspot.com/2007/07/concord-covered-bridge.html for Concord Bridge, and to my knowledge all the covered bridges are in the same vicinity. Hope this helps

Cochran shoals (which Cochran bridge crosses) is a little farther east... http://www.nps.gov/chat/planyourvisit/upload/2007ColumnsDriveB&W.pdf

Where on that map is the bridge? And do you know if that is near the Witch's Graveyard?

Do not waste your time

It is not haunted. So you know police do hang out there..and if you stop your car on that road (it is a PITCH BLACK DARK) road you will get a ticket possibly worse. By the way. The bridge is blocked off to street traffic so ya basically have to stop your car-park off the street to walk over to it..
The only "spooky" about the road is it is pitch black.
Witches graveyard is off that road on a dirt road that is a PRIVATE DRIVE- people that live there do not take kindly to people driving in their driveway (pretty much) and they WILL CALL THE POLICE. I know they have called the police on me before several years ago for trying to debunk the area.
Another place you can write off in Marietta is "Devils Turn Around" it is also off Concord Rd.
By the way-Witches Graveyard "the drums" you can supposively hear- are band practice from highschool. We did debunk that much before being asked to leave.
Remember- if it is haunted it is just as haunted during the day as it will be at night. Also remember the best times to ghost hunt in Georgia are during specific time periods that coincide with the Civil War. The rip in time is mind boggling typically in May, September,and during the winter months.

Re: Do not waste your time

i visited the devil's turnaround and was extremely lucky to NOT have had the cops come by. we didn't realize that it was a no-trespassing area until we came home and researched it more.
but we did get a badass evp of a little girl saying "i'm not dead" :)

Check out the Dark_atlanta group... its either darkatlanta or dark_atlanta... anyway its in my group list on my info page. Something tells me they will give you some good info.

witchs grave yard

iv lived in georgia all my life. where i was told the witchs grave yard was; was off of "covered bridge road" or "old covered bridge road"the intersection of this road is directly infront of the covered bridge. I was also told that the graveyard and haunted house that was on the property was torn down. to make way for big water way. me and my friends recently went there a couple of years ago and it was still freaky as shit. We caught the best orb i have ever seen. hope this little of bit of info helps out.

I grew up 100 yards from the graveyard

Its just an old graveyard where highschoolers go to get drunk and trash it.

It got the name witches graveyard because there is a childs grave there with a small fence around it. So some very wize high schooler came up with the fact that fences were put around the graves of witches so their spirits could not escape after death. But, its just a grave of a little kid, whos parents loved them and tried to make the grave nice with a nice grave stone and some little fence. My friends and I spent time trying to re stack the graves which were kicked over. Its not haunted either.

Re: I grew up 100 yards from the graveyard

I agree---we went there, and it was the most peaceful place ever. I did not feel there was anything remotely haunted about it. I think it's just a place where people buried their loved ones, just like any other graveyard. I also noticed the graffiti in places and knocked over gravestones, which just made me depressed. It's a great piece of history in there and I don't understand why people would want to destroy it! :(

Whitches Graveyard

Most of you guys dont even kno what you r talking about. The bridge is not closed down. i use it every day. I believe the cemetary is haunted because me and friends have all experienced things that we cannot explain. Like a woman crying from all directions around the graveyard, tapping on the windows of your car, and EVP's everytime you go there! Me and my cousin heard someone actually say something to us. We searched the surrounding area and there was noone. If you turn down concord rd. from south cobb Drive. Stay in the left lane untill you go through the covered bridge. You will see a large fence on your right and a flashing yellow street light. Turn right here. Then make the next right. Stay to the left and that road ded ends into the actual graveyard. Cops rarely show up there, and all they will do is tell you to leave if you have never been in trouble before. Bring a flashlight and a tape recorder with you and have a good time!!

Re: Whitches Graveyard

I agree that this place is NOT haunted. I grew up in this area with ALL of the urban legends about this place. We used to go there all the time as teens and try to get spooked. During the day it was sad to see how vandalized it was with all of the tombstones knocked over. But nothing creepy. At night it was creepy because it was a graveyard!!! Someone made up a story that the grave with the fence around it was a witch. I know many people over the years including my Dad who grew up in the area too and I have NEVER met anyone who experienced anything strange here. Just people's imaginations playing tricks I guess. Oh, I KNOW hauntings because I just moved from a haunted house and could tell you unexplainable things that would make your skin crawl. Not far from this area at all. But this cemetary is just old not haunted.

Re: Whitches Graveyard (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Whitches Graveyard (Anonymous) Expand

Covered Bridge Smyrna

I was there about 10 years ago. We saw the witches cemetary and the 2 haunted houses. It was pretty crazy. Want more info? Holla back! see ya!

Re: Covered Bridge Smyrna

The houses were an old Gann family house and the care takers house. It had to have been more than 10 years ago they have been torn down longer than that. My daughter is 16 and the first time I took her she was 3 and I was sad to see they were gone.



Yes, there were two houses to the left side of the grave yard. I have lived in Mableton for 13 years. I also used to go to the grave yard as a teen. I did not trash the place. I went before there was a silver comet trail and there were no rails to keep you from falling into the creek. Yes it is haunted and yes the covered bridge is open people use it every day. Most of the activity is between March and early October. Not Halloween. The woods are haunted around the grave yard more than the grave yard itself. In October you can hear the old confederate train. No not the one off of Bankhead highway the actual ghost train. You can feel the breeze of the cars as they pass if you sit on the bench right before the creek. I can tell you a lot of stories from the past 21 years. Choose to believe or not but smyrna mableton and austell have a lot of activity. I will write more locations later.

Covered bridge

The covered bridge is on Concord Rd between the silver comet trail and
South Hurt road just south of the Smyrna City line. The cemetray is at the end of Fowler Rd off South Hurt Rd just north of the South Hurt/Concord Intersection...The may call it Marietta, but it is within the Smyrna Mailing district...I know, I live right down the road off Concord

I-75N exit South Cobb Drive Turn left
continue down South Cobb 4-5 Miles to Concord Rd (dunkin Donuts on the left side, Kroegers on the right TURN LEFT onto Concord
Stay on Concord , pass Hurt Rd, go over two bridges on Concord
beware of narrow one lane bridge Old covered bridge is just around the bend

to go to cemetary continue west on Concord thru bridge, pass covered bridge rd, turn right on SOUTH HURT RD(not same as Hurt Rd) about 1000' on right turn right on Fowler, continue down Fowler bearing to the left THERE IT IS! THERE WAS ALSO A NOTIBLE CIVIL WAR BATTLE
right by Bridge...maybe ghosts from CW??? who knows? Be careful,
you may "pick up" evil spirits you can't easily shake! NO JOKE!
....Jesus is Lord...chase after him, not ghosts!

Re: Covered bridge

I am suprised nobody has said this,there has been alot of satan worship in the graveyard.I have seen sacrificed animals there and alot of evidence of devil worship.This was about 17 years ago.Then there were pentagrams all over the grave stones and I could hear some of the most blood curddling screams from the woods behind the graveyard.I am suprised no one has mentioned the ruins back in the woods behind the graveyard.Those could be gone as alot of that area is since the east-west connector extended through there and the silver comet trail came through.Things do follow you out of that place,its somewhere you do not want to go and play around with.after the screams from the woods there was a man on a fourwheeler that came from asking if we saw his son.Does this ring a bell to anyone?It would have been in the early 90's or late 80's.

the real witch

anyone who dares go there be very aware its one of the most haunted places in the country i know i live to the right ,right before you get to it i see it everyday and everyday it scares the shit out of me. just do all your selfs a favor just dont go ,cause once you go once it will haunt you forever. it has me , i can see and talk to the witch her name is emma she died in 1734 just please dont go!!!!!!!!!!!!


if anyone who commented on this post listens or believes JOLEFAY you must be retarded. First off, i have proven footage of that its haunted and I GREW UP ON SOUTH HURT ROAD so don't try me. And Devils Turnaround is in Marietta off White Circle Road and I have been stopped there many times, its private property and vandals have been terrorizing the property for years. You have to get written permission to enter that graveyard. I wouldn't even attempt to enter that graveyard anyways due the evil spirits that lurke the area. Me and my friends went in there once and he was wearing a cross around his arm and it got thrown off of his arm and had scratch marks all over him and he fell into a trance and didn't remember any of it, we actually had to tell him everything that happened to him. And lastly JOLEFAY, spirits cannot follow you to your house, that madness and any paranormal investigators will tell you that its impossible your just livin in the movies

I live off of Concord Road, less than a mile from the bridge. It isn't blocked off from traffic, it's the only way to go down Concord lol. As for the graveyard, I've been to it at least once a month since 2009 (I walk on the Silver Comet a lot, and it's easy to get to from there). I love the graveyard, it's really peaceful. I have never once seen a cop there. There are always beer bottles and graffiti on the graves which is why people don't want them in there, but if you have nothing like that with you, you're going to be fine. The neighbors have never called the cops on me when I drive my car. You don't go in anybody's driveway either, ever.
As for weird things happening at either of these locations, absolutely nothing has happened. I do believe in spirits, but I have never had anything strange whatsoever happen to me there in all the times I have been. Maybe the spirits just don't like me haha either way, it is definitely worth a visit! The bridge is beautiful, and the graveyard is very neat! I wish someone could maintain it, though. There are so many weeds. I would since I live so close, but it IS private property, so I don't think I'd be allowed to. Best of luck to everyone who goes here though! :) Also, if anyone knows about this "witch" buried there (if she really was a witch, which grave is hers, etc.) let me know!
Oh last thing, with people saying it's a marching band practice, the closest high school in that area is Campbell High School (I went there) and there is no way you can hear drumming all the way from there. However, a lot of people in that area do play music outside a lot, as well as people less than half a mile away from the graveyard (through a back trail that goes to the Silver Comet Trail) have drum circles and smoke pot outside underneath the bridge that goes over the river on the Silver Comet. If you go down there, there's a ton of graffiti, a lot of the things painted being pot leafs.

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