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french & saunders
taza_rota wrote in atlanta
Maybe this is an odd question, but...what do you guys think of Decatur? As a place to live. How does it compare to, say, Midtown or Buckhead or Inman Park? Is there like a downtown, with shops and restaurants/bars to walk to? Is there stuff for twentysomething professionals to do? Or is it just like a residential suburb? And do you guys think it's a safe area?

I've never been there before, but I'm pondering moving out there because I've seen some pretty decent apartment rates...

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I like Decatur. It's got a very "small college town" feel without being too far out of Atlanta. It's got a downtown with shops and such, and a very nice benefit of the bars in Decatur (at least for me) is that they're all non-smoking.

That said, you really should spend some time there yourself to see if it's for you. I was surprised by how dead it was on a weekend afternoon.

I've lived in Decatur forever, and I absolutely love it. Whether it's safe does depend on which part of town you live in, but the closer you are to downtown, the safer you are. Downtown Decatur is definitely a great place to hang out - very walkable, lots of great little restaurants and shops, fun little festivals. It's a very diverse area - straight, gay/lesbian, young professionals, older people, families with kids, singles, etc.

I highly recommend it!

I should add - it's less of a party area than Virgina Highlands or Buckhead. You won't get people partying until all hours - it's more Bohemian and artsy.

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For example: the bars in the area are all focused on beers you're supposed to actually taste while drinking.

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I love living in Decatur.

Decatur has a MARTA station right on the downtown square so if you end up moving there, you could take the train to work. As a bonus, since it is on the east/west line, you wouldn't have to change trains at Five Points to get to and from the station at CNN.

As others have said, safety depends on the part of town you're in. Downtown Decatur is a good spot since you'd be able to walk to shops, restaurants, bars and the MARTA station. I don't know what the rents are near the square but if you can find something in your budget, you won't be missing out on too much by moving there instead of an Atlanta neighborhood.

The closer to downtown/Agnes Scott area you can live - the better. Don't too much further east though.

But yeah, anything west of downtown and inching closer to L5P is nice and close to everything in any direction. Well, anything you'd want to go to.

I live in Decatur, and I love it! The "Square" is "downtown", and it's a really hip, happening place for college students and young families. It's safe, but be careful...a lot of places call themselves Decatur that aren't, and that aren't safe.

You should come down and look around. If you need a guide, I'm occasionally up for social interactions with folk I don't know.

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Living in Decatur

Where do you live in Decatur - I am looking for a nice apartment.

Decatur, is a very nice little town. If you can find a place you like/afford, move there. The police are good on response and the downtown has most of what you need.

The City of Decatur is part of "Metro-Atlanta" and in that vien, it includes a large part of Central and South Dekalb county (I've lived in the South West suburbs of Dekalb since 1980). What everyone above said about the Downtown area of Decatur is correct, but since the City covers such a large swath of Geography, you might want to refer to a map when looking for an apartment.

There are plenty of "shady" areas between downtown proper and the suburbs on the south side (30 minute drive from my house to Downtown)...

Ditto what most people have already said here. I have lived in Decatur for 6 of the past 7 years, and I enjoy it here. If you are seeing really cheap rates on apartments, it might be in a sort of sketchy area. 30030 is Decatur proper, and that is where you will find downtown. 30033/30032/30035... not so much.

Yay I live in the good Decatur zipcode!

yay i live in 30030.

but dont knock 30033! :) i lived on n decatur rd and it's considered "emory area." i was a minute drive to publix, blockbuster, los loros (best mexican restaurant around w/ the strongest and cheapest margaritas around!) and all those other lil shops and restaurants and the corner of clairmont and n. decatur rd.

and if i wanted to go to downtown decatur then it was like a 5 min drive away. when searching for a place to live, i usually typed in "emory area" or "downtown decatur" to find decent places. when i lived in 30033 it was very safe, i loved the location, loved the restaurants, and for a 3 BR house it was $1100 a month... which i think is really good.

I wouldn't use those zip codes as a gauge. 30033 includes a very old and settled residential neighborhood... i.e. houses that were built a long time ago with residents who have lived in them the entire time. I grew up there, so I should know. :)

Sketchy? Zip codes are not the indicator.

Decatur is cheaper than midtown, and it has a lot of great restaurants, bars, etc. I love it. It is NOTHING like the suburbs (I grew up in Marietta). The suburbs are big box stores and hard core racial segregation. Decatur is small stores and much more diverse.

I've been living in Decatur for the past year while going to Agnes Scott, and it is fantastic. I'd always thought I'd spend a lot of the time in Atlanta proper, seriously, there's no need. All the little shops you need are in walking distance, and your friendly big-box stores are a short drive/MARTA away, depending on where you go. And it's pretty!

I'd go for Midtown, Inman Park, or other neighborhoods over Decatur. I like being walking distance from downtown, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, or Piedmont Park.

OMG - I LOVE Decatur - in the Decatur downtown area.

Be very wary, however, as "Decatur" extends south of I-20 and east of I-285 - and you do NOT want to be out there.

I would choose within walking distance of the Decatur downtown area.

i agree. decatur is pretty huge and there are some really crappy, shady areas haha but karlita explained that. choose the "city of decatur" ... emory area is good too. but if you want to be able to walk or have a really short drive to the downtown decatur area, then obviously live in the downtown decatur area. i already replied down @ the bottom, but i live in dt dec and i love it. =)

I wanted to live in Decatur but thought it would be easier to resell a brand new condo in Midtown than an older place in Decatur. If I had been renting, I would have definitely gone for Decatur. I'm a lone grad student, adrift in a building filled with high powered corporate types who don't invite me to our floor's networking parties because they know I have nothing to offer.

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i live in downtown decatur and LOVE IT. i can almost walk to taco mac, lol. i think you should just drive through it one day and take a look around. there's lots of shops, restaurants, bars, and stuff to do. check it out online: http://www.decaturga.com/

i think it's a very nice area and yea, it's not as expensive as buckhead and places like that. it's not like ridiculously SUPER high-class or anything (thank god) but it's also not a crappy, dirty area lol. it's just a nice lil place :) definitely come visit!! i also think it's a great location :)

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