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abandoned insane asylum
subnoose wrote in atlanta
Last night I went with some friends to an abandoned insane asylum, as they call it. Well, that's pretty much what it was. It's incredibly sketchy. All of the windows and doors are broken. There's graffiti on every inch of the wall. Scared the living bejeezus out of me, but I just can't get it out of my head. I LOVED it.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any information on it. A name, history, ANYTHING. I'm not having any luck with google. :\

It's off Barclay Drive in Dunwoody, right next to the Heartland Hospice House and a firestation.

*crosses fingers!* :O

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Sure! I don't know the address of the actual asylum, but it is only several hundred feet from the Heartland Hospice House. (4598 Barclay Drive - Dunwoody, GA 30358) We parked in the hospice guest parking area and walked through the woods. You should only have to walk maybe 20 feet through the trees before you see it. It's a giant building covered in graffiti. It's a little hard to miss! LOL.

I have no idea what it's like in the daytime, but if you go at night, be in a group and have a working flashlight. (several flashlights would be ideal. it's PITCH black in there, except for rooms where the moonlight shines through.) My friend had been there several times before so he knew his way around. Make sure you listen close to see if there is someone else already there. (Sometimes there are groups of people exploring, sometimes it's a crackhead. You never know.) The ground is covered in broken glass and stuff from the ceiling, so.. yeah. I would not suggest sandals. :D

It scared the living hell out of me, but.. wow. I loved it. :D I'm planning on going back soon with my camera.

If you take pictures, be sure to post them to atlanta_photos and abandonedplaces.

Thanks for the links! Will do. :D


Yeah my friends go to this place too, apparently they have to climb a fence and there are also tunnels that lead to different wards. Idk if you guys are talking about this one but they went and found tons of files of insane people. I'm going this weekend and I'll take some pics for you.

email me at


i just think it's crazy that you went there the night before i went for the first time. scared the living shit out of me and we tried to go again during the day before they tore it down but i had to leave georgia like 2 weeks later so i never did. we heard the footsteps on the floor above us and a door slammed right after. saw some spooky lady through a 3rd floor window. and the boiler room door slammed out of nowhere right after we left that room. we booked it out of there before we could go to any cool spots.

brook run? i wouldnt call it an abandoned insane asylum, it was a home for the mentally challenged and closed less than 10 years ago.

that's it!
i was there about 6 months ago.
it ain't haunted..just vandalized to hell!

That's it! Thanks for the link. :D

You know, the site says you can hear footsteps on the third floor staircase.. and I swear the entire night I kept hearing footsteps above and around me. Maybe it was just an echo, but boy, it was eerie. :O

I love the fact you posted about this! I've been circling it wanting to go in for almost 8 months now. Where did you have to park? Was there any sign of other people in the building (aside from graffiti)? How safe is it?

And FWIW, a good friend of mine's mom worked there for the last few years that it was open. I'm trying to get her to tell me stories. She's only told me one so far, it was about one of the guys breaking out of Brook Run and into a house across the street. They found him asleep in the homeowner's bed.

Oh, and I also am having trouble finding any real history on it. All I can find record of it it's opening and closing. I'd have to dig for the links, can't find them at the moment.

It really is one of those places you can't get out of your head, isn't it?

I love that I found someone just as interested in Brook Run as I am. :D As soon as I found out what it was called, I just started digging and haven't stopped since.

I found this GREAT link of a bunch of articles surrounding the center. It's super long, but looks really interesting.

I parked at the Hospice's guest parking. We didn't see anyone in the actual building, though when my friend went a few weeks ago she said that as soon as they got there, "two gangsters came out from the building". Haha.

Also, the friend that took me there last night was wandering through the building with some friends one time when a man suddenly walked by and scared the hell out of them.

I think the only real dangers are a.) broken glass, b.) other people, and c.) security guards. (hehe)

Let me know if your friend's mom tells you any more stories! I really am fascinated with Brook Run. The whole place just seems kind of shrouded in mystery. I dunno, maybe it's just my imagination playing with me, but either way, it's fun to imagine. :D

Excellent! I'll see if I can scare up more stories. The main reason I haven't gone is fear of the living. I recognized a few gang related pieces of graffiti on it, and don't want to get mixed up in that shit.

The strangest thing about Brook Run to me is the fact that there's so little info on it. I searched for a week, and could only come up with the date it was decommissioned. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a read at work tomorrow.

I'd love to go explore it myself, but lack a group of interested persons. Definitely post the pictures, and remember that there are several outbuildings around Brook Run in various states of use and disuse.

my brother was in brook run up until it closed. It was a facility for adults with mental/developmental disabilities. The reason its hard to find any stories is because everyone who was there was a patient and there's confidentiality issues. From what my mother told me, the place was run well and was quite nice.

meaning to say; it wasn't an insane asylum. The only old insane asylum I know of was in Panthersville and one in Milledgeville.

heh Can you tell me more about those? :-)

You want scary, try going to an active mental health facility. That will truly stick with you.

I go to the dog park at Brook Run which is all the way in the back of the park. If you are inside the dog park and leave through the back gate, you can get inside the gated off area of the main building which is supposedly the haunted building (don't know how accurate that is).

And, from what I heard (I used to live over in that area), Brook Run (aka the Georgia Retardation Center) had to close due to not only funding, but there were quite a few unexplained deaths that were rarely heard of back then.

I am planning on going very soon.
But I heard it got torn down.
Tht would seriously suck I have wanted to go there for such a long time now.

I think it did get torn down this summer, which is a TOTAL bummer considering I never got to go there with my camera. :\ I haven't actually seen it since I went that one time, but it's probably pretty heavily patrolled if they haven't already torn it down.

brook run

security patrols it every two hours

I am planning on going very soon.
But I heard it got torn down.
Tht would seriously suck I have wanted to go there for such a long time now.
if you have aim or whatever
mine is zombiee molly

id would really like to talk to you about everything you saw and shit like that.

such a sad story

i herd about brookrun and had to beg my friends for a good couple of months to go see it. when we finally got around to it it was only a huge mound of dirt. )-: brrok run is no longer there and that sucks reeaaally bad. but i'm going to the Chickamauga battle field tonight so that should be fun!


i went there with 2 friends one night,we parked at the hospis went through the woods we saw it there standing out in the middle of a over grown parking lot. this was back in 2001 not alot of ppl knew about it then, actually hardly any graffti was on the buliding and most of the windows were still in tact. once we got inside we could see trails of blood on the floor and walls like someone was dragged through the halls against there will. we explored most of the rooms. found a bunch of old medical shit that was left behind, but what was really instresting was all the rubber bullet shells found in the hall ways. we finaly got to one of the darkest rooms on the second floor it was a room with beds lined up against the wall kinda creepy looking, then we heard this loud crash from up above us, we all jumped sceard the shit out of us. we started shinning our flash lights around and saw the one of the guys we were with was staring up at the celing and not saying anything me and my other friend looked up to see what he was so intrigued by, and there she was a woman in a hospital gown with her head cocked to the side staring right at us. we ran so out of there so fast i fell and tripped on almost everything in my way. when we finally got out side we ran to the fence that we had jumped an hour earlier to get in when i jumped my hand was stuck i looked up and saw the top of the metal fence was sticking thrugh my hand when i yelled for my friends to come back and help. when they got there they started yelling and cusing saying " wtf " not at hand but at what was standing in the window of the 3rd floor watching us....

Back in Spring of 2003 a friend fron the area took myself and some other guys there. Was fun as hell but pretty creepy. We smoked weed in the padded cell-like rooms. The medical rooms were really creepy. Anyway, just thought about that night and decided to see if i can find anything online about it.

tore brook run asylum down

i tried looking for it.. im always looking for new projects to shoot, being a photographer and everything.. and i read one the sites and they say that they tore it down last year :( anyways i triedddd

Re: The Georgia Retardation Center/Brook Run

I was one of a handful of people who opened GRC in the fall of 1969. It was one of the most beautiful places in the world for the state's children of all ages and included some older mentally and physically handicapped very special people. This was not only a treatment center, but a training grounds for about nine universities. Very exciting things happened there in program development for our clients. There were approximately 24 disciplines who worked there in an interdisciplinary way. We were working with the left brain/right brain theories several years before public schools seemed to be aware of them. It hurts, more than I can say, to see what has happened to the gorgeous buildings in which we occupied and upheld the highest of professional standards of that time to assist our students and further develop knowledge in the vast field of retardation.

Re: tore brook run asylum down

any other cool spots that are similar? I was at Decatur Water Works today. That was pretty cool!

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