June 29th, 2008

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Hwy 78 traffic

Do you know what traffic is like around 8:15 in the morning, going highway 78 from Snellville to hugh howell road (towards atlanta)? and then what it is like from hugh howell road to 285? any help is appreciated! looking for a back way to tucker/chamblee tucker. thanks!!
what fuckery is this?

Put your dog on a leash!!!!!

So last night after my boyfriend I returned from dinner we took the dogs out. I had just walked outside with our rottweiler when my bf quickly handed me the puppy's leash and told me to take them inside because a dog was chasing a woman down the street. I went back in with the dogs and he grabbed his flash light and ran down the street to help her. My boyfriend is a vet so he knows more about dealing with animals then most. He was able to back the dog off the woman and keep him away so she could get to her house. He walked back up to our yard and called the police. He recognized the dog as a neighbors who frequently lets the dog out by itself. This is not the only dog we have seen running around but he is the most aggressive one.

Basically to make a long story short the police went back and forth with him as to who's juristriction it was. They went back and forth on if he needed to talk to the Dekalb Co. Animal Control or the Clarkston police. Finally when someone from animal control called back he was rude with my bf, refused to give his badge number when asked for it, and said someone would be out which of course meant you'll never see us. This is total crap!!! That woman could have been bitten by that dog if my boyfriend hadn't gone to help her. It seems it is going to take someone getting bitten or mauled for the police to do anything about it. There are leash laws for a reason. You're dog could be the sweetest thing on the face of the earth but it doesn't give you the right to let it roam around by itself, that's what dog parks are for! I know it's not a murder or a burglary but it would only take you 5 minutes to come out and write the guy a ticket. If the dog was just running around then yeah it's a nuisance but he was physically chasing someone down the road. NOT COOL!!!

One of my coworkers knows the Clarkston chief of police. We are going to be filing a complaint on the officer with animal control as well as a complaint to the Clarkston police, the Dekalb police, and the mayor of Clarkston.
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So, my parents still have aol dial-up, and I have been given the task of finding them a new isp. I have either been on university internet or comcast since I left home. What are the other options available (particularly in West Cobb)? What are your opinions with what you have now?

french & saunders


Maybe this is an odd question, but...what do you guys think of Decatur? As a place to live. How does it compare to, say, Midtown or Buckhead or Inman Park? Is there like a downtown, with shops and restaurants/bars to walk to? Is there stuff for twentysomething professionals to do? Or is it just like a residential suburb? And do you guys think it's a safe area?

I've never been there before, but I'm pondering moving out there because I've seen some pretty decent apartment rates...