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Hi all!
thisgirliknow wrote in atlanta
How many active members do we still have in this group? I'd love to get it hopping!

Melissa, 30, Kirkwood. Atlanta for 3 years. Livejournal for 12.

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I'm here! Kenzie, 41, Lawrenceville. Atlanta for near 11 year. Livejournal for 14.

Yay! So there are at least two of us :)

Another hold-out here... LJ since 2001. I'm in Smyrna, Georgia native, Atlanta area for most of it.

Yay for people who are still on livejournal! And to think I thought everyone had disappeared!

i do a lot of lurking, but i am here. Toco Hills/North Druid Hills, various parts of atlanta for 17 years now, LJ since 2002.

Yay! Another person, lurker or not :)

I'm here. I write occasionally and lurk a lot. I'm 45 and in Doraville. I've been on LJ since, um...jeez...2000 maybe? Holy crapioli! I'll have to look.

I created my account 9/20/2002. Almost 13


It seems like the people who are still here are the people who were originals, way back when you needed invite codes. it's like we can't quit, because who wants to waste an invite code??

I have a permanent account that I paid for (I know some of the really early adopters got free perm accts, but I was not one of those). You will pry lj out of my cold, dead hands. ;)

EXACTLY. Me too. I think I even promised that to myself as I was buying the permanent acount -- $150 when I was a poor college student was an awful lot!

I'm here too! Ann, in the Doraville area since 2005, LJ since 2003. I've lived in the metro Atlanta since the 70's.

I'm still here. I'm also in the Doraville area. Been on LJ since...2001...eep!

I am here and still very LJ active. Lived in various parts of the city since '04. Lj'ing it up 14 years(!) as of next week!
It's nice to know there are still people here on LJ; it's generally such a (virtual) ghost town

exactly! I do miss those days of LJ. I still write daily, but my audience/flist has shrunk from 100ish to 7ish.

I'm alive! Hope, 35, Newnan for 25 years, LJ for 11.

I'm in Decatur.

I'm here. I use LJ still as mainly a place for actual journaling when I pretend I am not rubbish at writing journal entries. but it's always nice to see a community post.

Nick, 36. Livejournal since 2003, Smyrna/Marietta area since 2005.

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I use LJ for journaling too, but it's become more for me (that other people happen to read) rather than for others' comments or help or interpretation or what have you. And therefore, my storytelling capabilities have gone way down, it's more of a recounting of "I did this today." Which is not as awesome.

Same here. It definitely still has a place though... Having been here this long it's nice to go back and see what I was up to two years ago, or five, or twelve. :)

I'm still active on LJ, but I'm not living in Atlanta anymore. I stay on this board in the hopes of hearing what's going on in the city that was my home from 1992 to 2008. I sometimes miss those good ole days of Piedmont park when it wasn't safe, Midtown when it wasn't trendy and downtown when everyone left at 5pm and we had the place to ourselves to do anything we wanted.

After traveling the world for 5 years I seem to have settled in Australia now. Been on LJ since 2003 when a atl friend introduced me to it.

I'm newish to Atlanta, but I doubt everyone ever left by 5pm ;)

Piedmont Park is mostly safe, and midtown is absolutely trendy.

Re: Here but not here

Its an expression, like saying, dead as a door nail, or raining cats and dogs. Those things don't actually happen but they express the feeling of the writer. *rolls eyes in disbelief that you don't understand that and thought I was being literal*

In the early 90's very few people lived downtown and it was thought dangerous, even Piedmont park and Midtown. Most people that worked downtown lived outside the perimeter, so when 5pm came, downtown became quite empty and those of us that did live downtown had the place to ourselves.

... I got it.

On a good note, I suppose it's nice that lj drama is still alive and well.

Re: Here but not here

LOL yep I was thinking the same thing, you seem to have it down pat.

I'm still here, Roswell for 14.5 years and LJ for just about as long.

yay! I'm so glad there are actually so many people left in here :)

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