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questions abt Phillips Arena floor seats
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acciochocolate wrote in atlanta
Sadly, the seat charts at the Phillips Arena site aren't helpful in showing seat numbers.

I'm looking at tickets in Sec 1 (to the right of the stage), around Row E, seats 3 & 4.

Are the seats numbered from the outside aisle in, or are they numbered from the right inside aisle out? In other words, are seats 3 & 4 nearer to Section 102/103 (upper level) or are they closer to Sec 2, which is the block of seats in front of the stage?

Also, having never sat in the floor seats at Phillips, does security keep people from moving their seats around, closing them up and leaving them on the floor, that sort of thing? If things can get crazy like a mosh pit, that's not for me. I don't mind standing up and dancing the whole concert, though. :)

Thanks for any help!


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