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moving/packing company recommendations
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acciochocolate wrote in atlanta
I'm looking for a moving company that will also pack the smaller items in my condo, like clothes, books, and kitchen stuff. Recommendations and reviews are welcome. I have some mobility issues, so need help packing and lifting. It's a short-distance move, from condo to near-by storage unit. Have not used a moving company in many years, and want good people who are helpful and won't over-charge me.


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When I transferred down here from Seattle, I went through to pick out a mover to unload my U-Haul. I used At Your Service, etc and they were great. I didn't need them to unpack but they were very reasonably priced, and efficient. I suggest going through Movinghelp since you can specify what you need (pack/umpack is part of this) and there are reviews to help you choose.

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