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belenen wrote in atlanta
I'd love to know more ATL folk who are active on LJ. I am: 31, an undergrad student, no kids, no live-in partner, no grown-up job. Also, queer, genderfree & trans, polyamorous, fat & proud, honest, open, a nudist, a social justice activist, a tree-hugger (literally & figuratively), an eclectic pagan Quaker, and an art catalyst.

Please add me if your journal centers around:
creation, growth, and learning.
emotional explorations of your experiences.

Please don't add me if:
you do not care about oppression.

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just thought i would say hello. i'm not sure if we'd be a good match as journal buddies but I wanted you to know that someone saw your post and that there are still people (Atlanta people!) using LJ!

i'm 29. graduated with a masters in religious studies in 2008 ("Wiccan Marriage and American Marriage Law: Interactions" was my thesis title - which i guess can give you some idea of my interests). I tried to go back to school in 2011 - to get some culinary experience and change careers but then i got pregnant and found that i dont have time to work, raise a child, and go to school. so i had to drop out but that year of classes was wonderful, i learned so much about cooking.

i'm married with a 20mo-old daughter. i've been working the same sucky grown-up job since graduating but it puts food on the table so i'm bearing with it.

mostly my journal centers around recounting daily trials and tribulations, strange toddler occurrences and milestones, my odd forays into embracing feminism and agency in my daily life, and my attempts at new recipes and their outcomes.

i do care about oppression, but my life is so full right now that the idea of pursuing activities that help fight it makes me feel like crawling under my covers and never coming out. the best i can manage is signing petitions and being angry on tumblr.

I am this person's friend, and also still on LJ. White straight cis male employed U.S. citizen Christian educated with internet access... about as privileged as all get-out as one can get without being a millionaire. But still definitely an ally.

(waves across the interwebs)

Hey, sexy!

Yeah, he's all that, but he's also cute as hell. This from another White straight cis male...

With all those qualities going for you, @belenen, are you also part of the burner community?

you sound pretty awesome and I'd like to be friends! :D I understand that some parts of being an activist are massively draining but for me it is the caring about it that is number 1. Also, who are you on tumblr?

i am on tumblr,

unlike my livejournal, which centers around my daily life and my more private goings on; mostly my tumblr is for reblogging things i find amusing or thought-provoking. i started on tumblr back when my daughter was born and i found myself trapped 8-12 times a day for 15-20 minutes at a go with nothing to do but wait for her to finish nursing (she was a very slow eater... not to tmi all over you, sorry) and i needed something to distract my mind so that i could sit there patiently and give her all the time she needed. tumblr fit the bill quite nicely.

I'm not actually living in Atlanta anymore, but I do seek out connections to the city to revive my memories of it. Strangely I had a meeting with a guy here in Australia today! who was telling me about his friend who use to live in Australia but had moved back to Atlanta.

I'm probably a bit more straight laced, drama free and older, than most on LJ, but if that's not too boring for you, then feel free to add me and I'll add you back.

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