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FOUND DOG - is anyone willing to foster or adopt?
green__ wrote in atlanta
A yellow lab (possibly a mix) with a white spot on top of his head was hanging out at 4th and Peachtree St between Dec 28th and Dec 31st. We were able to catch him and I have him at my house. He has a brown collar and a flea collar but no tags. He's not fixed and is very timid and scared at first but warms up immediately and is very sweet. He gets along with other dogs. I cannot keep him and was wondering if anyone could help. Please call Elizabeth at 404 702 3196.

is anyone willing to foster or adopt him?

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Have you taken him to your vet to get scanned for a microchip yet?

I forwarded this to the Midtown Neighbors' Association "Lost & Found" pet alert.

The AJC used to let you post a "found pet" ad in the classifieds for free.

I did online. Sadly, I don't think anyone's looking for him.

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