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Lost cat!
nyssa wrote in atlanta
I know this is a long shot, but I thought I'd ask.

My cat ran away today. Have you seen her?

She is a long haired calico, almost seven years old...unfortunately, she is not wearing a collar, as her collar broke about a week ago and I was waiting until Friday to replace it (argh!). She's very friendly and would probably not run away if she saw you (although she might be scared out in the big world alone, so who knows?!).

She went missing from the Fourth Ward / downtown area, near the King Center.

Any information would be greatly appreciated...and there's a reward involved for anybody who can bring back my baby. :(

Also, if anybody has any tips for how to recover my kitty, I would love to hear them. I have already plastered the area with fliers, looked everywhere for hours, called the Humane Society and submitted her information to the Fulton County Animal Services website.

I've been going crazy all day and she's still missing, and it's breaking my heart. :(

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You need a live animal trap like this:
and a can of really stinky cat food. Put it out in the morning, with a towel/sheet over it for cover (and a print out of your lost cat flyer so people don't think you're going to kill the cat you catch)

I volunteer with a rescue group that has them to loan, but we're way up in Alpharetta.

Try contacting groups close to you on this list and see if you can borrow one:

The group I volunteered with back in TX asked for a $50 hold, but gave it back to you when you broght the trap back.

Thanks so much for the info and for crossposting! I'll see about getting the trap. :)

"with a towel/sheet over it for cover"

Not a clean one, preferably; it'll work better if it has a smell she recognizes on it.

Best of luck finding her. :(

Good point about the smells.

I know people who've had great luck with those traps and lost cats!
Good luck finding your precious kitty. :(

Oh, and I cross posted this to the ATLAnimalRescue community too.

I don't know that it would do any good anymore because of how much its readership has fallen, but you could also try having a lost cat notice published in the AJC.

I hope you get your baby back! That's one of my biggest fears... I don't even really care if somebody breaks into my apartment so long as they don't leave the door open and let my kitties get out. :/

That's *exactly* what I've told people before...I've even mentioned it in dreams, LOL. I don't care about my stuff, I'm just worried about my kitty!

i've always been worried about that too. we were robbed last year and when i saw the back door wide open my heart SANK b/c all i could think about was our cat (who always tries to sneak out). but when we walked in, there she was! just staring up at us meowing like crazy. i think she was trying to tell us everything that happened. :) it made me want to cry.

I read a book about one of the first "pet detectives." She has an organization and web site that has lots of tips on finding lost pets.

Good luck.

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