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Passport Woes May Keep Me From Flying to Europe for My Birthday
underpants wrote in atlanta
Now that the government has decided you need a passport for nearly every damn thing, that has screwed me over. The NPIC seems to be overwhelmed past the point of reason. They don't even pick up their phone 30 minutes from midnight (1-877-487-2778 - Go ahead. Try to get a live person by midnight. Try tomorrow, even, during the day. No answer, not once).

The passport I was supposed to have by last week at the latest is now going to arrive 7 days after my scheduled trip! On top of that, they spelled my last name wrong , as I found out my passport would be late by misspelling my last name in their lookup form! Needless to say, I'm pretty ticked. I really don't want to drive to one of 13 agencies around the US in another state for an emergency passport.
Here is what that look up form told me (since I had time to misspell my name 50 times while going through their phone queue:

"Thank you for submitting your passport application!
Your passport application locator number is [removed from post].
Your application is still being processed, but the timesframe for issuing your passport has increased due to workload. When you applied, you requested Routine Service and Routine Delivery of your passport. Passport Agencies use Priority Mail. This means you should receive your passport within 10 weeks from the date you applied. Depending upon how the facility where you applied forwarded your application, you should receive your passport on or about 04/08/2007.
If your travel plans change and you need your passport sooner, please contact the National Passport Information Center"

Please keep in mind I applied 6 weeks ago. USPS Postal employees assured me I wouldn't need to rush it.
I'm supposed to fly out to Amsterdam in 7 days (on the 20th). This is a birthday trip on a non-refundable ticket to Europe.
Maybe I should submit this to Digg? Ergh.
Send any contacts, leads, tips, laughs while fingerpointing to: ( needapassport @ )


- Luis

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks. If I don't get solid information that it will be here on time, I'm going to see if I can expedite through one of those 13 out of state agencies, and if need be, drive or fly to somewhere like D.C. for an appointment, which I really to don't want to do.

Oh, god. I was right. I might have to go to D.C. I searched Digg and found this. No, no, no.

Honestly, I'm not sure how quickly you can get your passport if you've already applied for one.

However, there is a place in Atlanta - I'm *pretty* sure they still exist, called "Passports & Visas Etc." and they are located on Roswell Road. They may still be there under another name. I've heard that they can expedite a passport in 48 hours. However, I'm sure it costs through the nose to get it that quickly.

You might just check them out. However, it seems you've already applied, so I don't know how that would work. But it could be worth the call. I don't have their number anymore, but I remember the woman I spoke with - her name was Rita Diack.

There are expediting agencies here in town, you just pay through the nose...

(Deleted comment)
I'm looking for a way for them to expedite. I'd rather not use a 3rd party. Thanks anyways.

Call your Congressman's DC office. They can get those things expedited. I needed mine for my honeymoon with the name change and they got it for me in about 3 business days.

Might have to. I'm getting the same message at 7AM.

"We offer the following solution. You can try again later....thank you for calling the Nation Passport Information Center. Goodbye!"

Something does not seem right about that. The west coast isn't even up yet.

Ditto call your congressman. They were a great help to me with my passport issues last year (even though I ended up flying to Philly to get it changed).

Clark Howard was saying on WSB Radio this morning that with the new requirements for passports to Canada, etc. that the passport office is running 70 days where it is supposed to be 40 because they didn't staff up at all.

He suggested calling your congressman.

For the first time this week, I've gotten hold music. I've also emailed my congressman. I will be calling him next if this does me nothing.

14 hours of dialing over the past week, and I finally got through. I spoke with the woman for about two minutes. $74.40 to expide later, I was told I should get it this week.

I really hope she didn't mess up and the charge goes through.

I got mine in January, and consider the fee to expedite to be well worth it. It was supposed to take two weeks, but arrived eight days later. I hope it works out for you and that you have a great trip.

Thanks. I'm working with my Congressman to try to make sure I get it on time.

Clark Howard discussed this on his radio show today ... If you're w/in 10 days of your departure, your congress person should be your best bet!

I'm hoping you get this cleared so you can enjoy your trip and your birthday.

That's why my mom and I decided to go to Hawaii and not England this summer--woes about being able to get a passport on time. I read the comments and it looks like you'll be able to get your passport (though expedition costs an arm and a leg), though, so I hope you have a happy birthday!

I got through on the phone for a second time this morning. Current passport status is that it is being expedited, but, they can't guarantee I'll get it in time?

This is such a nightmare. They told me to call back Friday night. I asked him to give me a number to call since I can't get through at night. He told me to call the same number.

I'm not feeling reassured at all. Let's hope my representative for my Congressman, Cathy Register, can give me some assurance.

Sorry to hear that. Are you thinking of going to another state for an emergency passport? I would say it would be warranted.

The NPIC has my birth certificate, so unless they accept that one, most likely not.

Re: Damn

Yeah I am supposed to go on my honeymoon on Sat. Here it is on Thurs night and I still dont have my passport after 14 WEEKS!!!! The gov't can suck my balls. I have called that number 33 times and spoke with 7 people. They really do not care about anyone but they sure want their hourly wage. The thing is, those people pretty much have to kill someone to get fired. My passport was held in the mail room for 4 days for fukin "Quality control." WTF is quality control on a passport. To top that they said they overnited it to me and sent it out by mail which takes 2-3 days. Tomorrow is the 3rd day and if I dont get it tomorrow I am screwed. I am getting ready to drive to DC tonight and try to get one tomorrow. I have no appointment and have no clue where I am going. The gov't is ready to take my hard earned moeny but they wont even help me go on my honeymoon.!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!

Sorry to hear that. I know it's probably too late for you, but I got through on that number by calling at 7AM EST, repeatedly and hanging up. I got through twice that way. Most West Coasters would be asleep, so there is a better chance of getting through.

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