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Hi all!
How many active members do we still have in this group? I'd love to get it hopping!

Melissa, 30, Kirkwood. Atlanta for 3 years. Livejournal for 12.

Traveling community
Anyone know some info about the train hopping/hitch hiking community/culture it Atlanta?
It's an amazing culture I'm drawn to, so any relevant feedback will be awesome.

questions abt Phillips Arena floor seats
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Sadly, the seat charts at the Phillips Arena site aren't helpful in showing seat numbers.

I'm looking at tickets in Sec 1 (to the right of the stage), around Row E, seats 3 & 4.

Are the seats numbered from the outside aisle in, or are they numbered from the right inside aisle out? In other words, are seats 3 & 4 nearer to Section 102/103 (upper level) or are they closer to Sec 2, which is the block of seats in front of the stage?

Also, having never sat in the floor seats at Phillips, does security keep people from moving their seats around, closing them up and leaving them on the floor, that sort of thing? If things can get crazy like a mosh pit, that's not for me. I don't mind standing up and dancing the whole concert, though. :)

Thanks for any help!


Don't let this happen without a fight.

GPB approached GaTech about something like this with WREK a few years back. And because the GT administration wasn't a bunch of shady assholes, the proposal was actually debated and eventually shot down.

Boycott GPB
Make your voice heard to the Georgia State administration that went behind the students' backs to do this.

moving/packing company recommendations
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I'm looking for a moving company that will also pack the smaller items in my condo, like clothes, books, and kitchen stuff. Recommendations and reviews are welcome. I have some mobility issues, so need help packing and lifting. It's a short-distance move, from condo to near-by storage unit. Have not used a moving company in many years, and want good people who are helpful and won't over-charge me.


Tattoo Artist Recommendations
The Boys
I already have an artist I love but I'm looking for someone who has a speciality in small tattoos. Looking for something a bit detailed on a tiny space with very clean lines. TIA!

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I'd love to know more ATL folk who are active on LJ. so I"m here looking for new friendsCollapse )

Winter weather "event" - again
This is one of the best almost-layman's explanations I've seen yet of the factors behind this week's winter storm, and why there's so much freak-out.

It also gives an idea of just how frickin' many "moving parts" are involved in this type of event and making the forecast "challenging". It's particularly challenging with winter wx, where a couple of degrees makes all the difference as far as what happens on the ground is concerned.

439 AM EST TUE FEB 11 2014

(Behind the cut because it"s a long wall-o-text)Collapse )

Gwinnett County - rideshare DESPERATELY needed
Hi guys, I'm getting desperate here as I've been looking for nearly a week already without success.

I slipped on ice during the recent storm, fell, and broke my right leg. The doctor signed off on a handicap permit for my car but experimentation with driving left-footed is not going well, primarily because my car's gear selector is in the center console (thus I can't put my right leg over the center console to give my left foot room to move). I'm sort-of able to make it on back roads when traffic is light, but rush hour traffic? Not happening.

I do office work, but unfortunately telecommuting is not an option. I have to get back and forth to work. I live in Peachtree Corners and work near Sugarloaf Mills and, while apparently a lot of people do the opposite commute, it seems I'm the only one in the world who does that particular commute or something related to it.  I work standard business hours.

Gwinnett County Transit says there's a 21-day review time on paratransit applications. The GCT 10 and 35 buses almost get me to where I need to go, but there's about a mile either side of that route that I can't yet figure out. I cannot afford 6-8 weeks of taxi fare and I do not have any family close by.

Can anyone help, or does anyone know anyone who can? While taxi fare is out, gas money is not (I'm not going to be putting it into my own car, after all). I'm able to function pretty well on my own beyond this transportation problem, so I wouldn't be asking for any more than just the ride. I need this figured out by no later than Friday of this week.


Designing Women
I've been away from Atlanta for over 5 years now. How sad its it that Ive become addicted to re runs of Designing Women, just to feel like I'm in the south again! ...and I'm loving it!!


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